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Gather Space updates are complete and the Space is on schedule to open at 12:30

We have created a Gather space to allows students, faculty and staff to interact before, during and after the commencement ceremony. The space will open 1 hour before the ceremony (12:30 pm). If you have not used Gather before, we recommend reading the "Welcome to Gather" PDF file

Entering the space 

The Space we have created has four rooms. When you enter the space, your avatar will "spawn" in the lobby, from there you can move to the three dedicated rooms. The dedicated rooms are the auditorium (ceremony), Gesling stadium(reception/general use) and the Mall between Doherty and Baker (Photo Gallery). You are welcome to hangout in any of the rooms, but please note that the ceremony will only be broadcast in the auditorium. The live stream will go active at 1:20 and the ceremony will start promptly at 1:30

The Lobby and the The Mall both have interactive objects. Descriptions of the various rooms can be found below.

The lobby is where you enter the space. See any one of the signs in the lobby for information about the space. There are also some reminder notes on the floor. 

We are adding some interactive objects in this space, feel free to check them out. There are special portals for faculty to jump directly to gathering areas in other rooms so they are easy to locate.

The auditorium is where the ceremony will be broadcast beginning promptly at 1:30 pm. You can access the auditorium by taking any one of the 3 doors on the right of the lobby or the labeled doors in any of the other rooms. 

The auditorium makes use of a projector object so the live stream can be viewed from any position in the room. We suggest you find friends and take seats in the auditorium before activating the web stream. 

Once you are seated, press "x" to active the stream. The stream will go live at 1:20. You will see and red dot and the word "live" on the bottom of the window. 

You need to press the "play" button the stream to activate the feed

We are adding faculty tables at the front of the auditorium and a special portal from the lobby to this area so that faculty can group together and be easy for students to find. 


The Gesling stadium room will be used as the reception area and is setup with ample space to allow participants to mingle and converse without interfering with other conversations. You  can access the stadium by taking any of the doors straight up in the lobby. Similarly, there is a dedicated portal in the lobby for faculty to jump directly to the gathering area (East endzone)

The general use portals in the lobby will send you to different areas of the field. If you are moving with a group we suggest you all use the same door so you remain grouped together at your destination. 

Obviously the stadium doesn't have doors that can be used as portals to other rooms. We have put a series of portals in the west endzone that will allow you to jump to any of the dedicated spaces. There is a portal on the walkway between West Wing and Resnick that will take you back to the lobby. 

The Mall, the area between Doherty and Baker (you should all already know that!) is being used as a gallery of photos that have been submitted by students documenting their time at Carnegie Mellon. Photos are placed along the various walkways. When you are in range of a photo it be identified by a yellow box around it. Press "x" to view the photo. 

There are labeled portals placed around the edges to get you back to other rooms. There are no dedicated gatherings spaces in this room as it is much smaller then the other two. Portal from the lobby will place you on one of the walkways.