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Chemical Engineering Computing

You have been issued a managed laptop from the department. This information page will help you get started with this new laptop and hopefully answer some basic questions.

How is this laptop different from a peronsal laptop or my old department laptop?

Previously, department issued laptops were setup and treated that same as a personal laptop. The department maintained no control over these devices. Their primary use was to remotely connect to your office computer. The new laptops are "managed". This means that we will maintain control over software and updates. These devices can be used as a replacement for your office desktop if-need-be. In order to facilitate this, we are relying heavily on and the CMU VPN. You will use you Andrew ID and Password to access these devices.

Let's get going...

Normally when using a mobile device the process goes Logon->Connect to WiFi->Connect to the VPN. With managed devices the process is slightly different and goes Connect to WiFi->Connect to VPN->Logon (w/AndrewID and Password)

Note: The icons in the screen shots are slightly different then what you will see. A wired network connection was required to perform the screen shots and this results in windows changing the icon. The function is the same. In the screen shots you will see the icons on the left, where as on your laptop you will see the ones on the right. The second from the left has the same function whether it is the little computer or the globe. 

 wiredicons_300.jpg   wirelessicons_300.jpg

Step 1: Connect to WiFi

  1. Click the Globe Icon (The second from the left in the group of 4 icons on the lower right side of the screen) to bring up the wireless network selection menu.
  2. Selec the appropriate network from the list (CMU-Secure if you are on campus, or you home network if you are at home)
  3. Connect as appropariate. If using CMU-Secure, enter your Andrew ID and Password when prompt. If you recieve a connection warning, click the "Connect" button
  4. If this is done succesfully it should show connected as below
  5. Proceed to the VPN Section

Step 2: Connect to the VPN

  1. Once you have connected to a wireless network you can connecto the the CMU VPN. This is required if you are off-campus. It is not required if you are on-campus, but some services on-campus do still require it. To connect to the CMU VPN click the "Network Sign-in" Icon. This one is the far left one as seen below:
  2. This will start the VPN Client and you will see the normal VPN login screen:
  3. Click "Connect" and then enter your Andrew ID and Password at the prompt:
  4. Once connected you will back at the login screen. You will see 5 icons in the lower right indicating that you are connected to the VPN:
  5. Proceed to  Computer Login

Step 3: Login to the computer

  1. Enter your login information (Andrew ID and Password) on the login screen:
  2. Press enter after entering your password to begin the login process

Additional Steps

Depending on your needs, the first time you login there are a few additional steps that are required.

Add Server to Citrix Workspace

  1. The Citrix Workspace is pre-installed on your computer. Shortly after logging in, you will see the Citrix Popup. In the text box enter "" as below:
  2. When you click "Add" and login window will popup. Fill in your AndrewID and password as below:
  3. If you entered you credentials correctly, when you press "Sign In" you will be taking to the Workspace as below: (NOTE: I don't have any apps so my workspace is empty)
  1. At the Creative Cloud Sign-in screen enter your full cmu email address (Not your CMUName if you have one), but do NOT enter your password or press the Sign-In Button. Instead click "Sign in with Enterprise ID" as below:sign-in-window.jpg
  2. If prompted select "Enterprise ID: Company or School Account"
  3. Sign-in and the familiar CMU WebLogin page (and process DUO if needed):
  4. After you complete the Sign-In you can Launch Acrobat.