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The GAMS Interfaces

The GAMS Interfaces. are a series of Command Line based tools to automate model building and visualization in GAMS. They include BathSPC, BatchMPC, MultiStage and SynHeat.

These applications work with GAMS and are not installed on their own. As a result, they are setup to work on multi-user computers such as the ChemE Computer Lab, Remote Desktop or Virtual Andrew. In order to get around this limitation, we have setup a series of scripts that will allow you to install a copy of these applications in your user profile from a master copy that is located on the machine you are using. 



Using the Interfaces

-- We will be using SynHeat in this example, but other interfaces work similarly --

  1. In order to use the scripts correctly, you must launch the interfaces from the Start Menu. Do NOT attempt to navigate directly to the c:\Program Files or c:\users\AndrewID\AppData folder and launch the interfaces. This will sometimes work, but not consistently and sometimes not at all. 
  2. A working copy of SynHeat will be created and then launched

  3. There is a shortcut on the Start Menu that is called "Open My GAMSInterface Working Folder". Clicking this link will open your working folder. This link will ONLY work if you have run at least one interface from the Start Menu. If you have not, then you will receive this error: 

    You can resolved this error simply by following steps 1 and 2 above. Then click  "Open My GAMSInterface Working Folder" again and you will see the working folder:

If you get the error below, it means you have not run any interfaces yet. Follow steps 1 and 2 above and run the interface you intend to use. Then use the "Open My GAMSInterface Working Folder" link to open your working folder. From here you can make the changes. (You do not even need to close the interface. You can leave it open while you make the changes)

If you interfaces are not working correctly, Navigate back to the Start Menu and run the "Reset Interfaces" script. This will DELETE your current working folders. The next time you start the interfaces you will need to navigate back to the start menu to do so. (Repeat steps starting at 1 above)