Carnegie Mellon University

ChemE Undergrad Research Application

Know what you are looking for and why a particular faculty research group has what you need.  Visit the research section of the ChemE main site to peruse the research subject areas within the department.  Approach faculty directly to find available research opportunities.

Be persistent, but respectful. If nothing is available in the current semester, ask about the next semester. Ask if there are literature studies you could help with or graduate students you could work with. The answer may still be no if the group is completely full, but faculty respect genuine enthusiasm and willingness to work and they may be able to find something if you help them know what you are willing to do.

After doing this, and if you are still having difficulty in finding a research opportunity in Chemical Engineering, complete this application form and return a PDF by email to Professor Robert Tilton.  Include a current copy of your resume.

**ChESS:  Chemical Engineering Summer Scholars**

Carnegie Mellon Chemical Engineering students who will be juniors or seniors in the 2020/21 academic year are eligible to apply for financial support for summer undergraduate research in the Department of Chemical Engineering via the Chemical Engineering Summer Scholars (ChESS) program. 

Applications are due by (TBD, typically mid-March)