Carnegie Mellon University

Yonsei University

Carnegie Mellon has begun a new exchange program with Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea.  This program is for Chemical Engineering students and involves an exchange with the Department of Chemical Engineering at Yonsei University beginning in Fall 2013.  Every year about two students can participate in this program.

In addition to gaining academic excellence, exchange students are also exposed to a beautiful and culturally rich environment.  Yonsei University is particularly fortunate to be situated in a spacious, quiet, and well-wooded environment near a mountainside, and located just in the center of Seoul’s metropolitan area.  You will have the opportunity to receive one of the best international educations in Asia with over 700 courses taught in English.

The Yonsei University exchange program offers very exciting opportunities to those students who are interested in spending their junior year abroad, and has similar arrangements as the programs that we have with Imperial College and RWTH Aachen.  Students pay regular tuition to Carnegie Mellon.  Housing costs are on the order of $350-$500 per month and food is about $350 per month.  The semesters run from September to mid-December and March to mid-June.  It may be possible to acquire an internship during the winter break.

You will be able to complete the following courses while at Yonsei:

06-323 Heat and Mass Transfer DAA3660 Heat Transfer (Fall, Eng/Kor) and

DAA4330 Mass Transfer (Spring, Eng/Kor)

06-361 Unit Operations DAA3750 Separation & Purification Process (Fall, Kor)
06-321 Chem. Eng. Thermodynamics DAA4320 ChemE Thermodynamics II (Fall, Eng/Kor)
06-363 Transport Process Lab DAA2220 ChemEng & Lab(2) (Fall, Korean)
06-364 Chemical Reaction Engineering DAA4310 Reaction Engineering (Spring, Eng/Kor)
06-300 Junior Research To be arranged with faculty.
06-464 ChemE Process Control DAA3720 ChemE Process Control (Fall, English)
09-347 Advanced Physical Chemistry CHE2105 Physical Chemistry 1 (Spring, English)
09-217 Organic Chemistry I CHE2103 Organic Chemistry 1 (Spring, English)
03-232 Biochemistry I DAA3700 Biochemical Engineering (Spring, Korean)

 In addition, students will take one free elective and two gen ed courses.


The application deadline is the first Friday upon your return from winter break.  Please contact Nora Siewiorek  if  you have questions.