Carnegie Mellon University

Universidad Nacional del Litoral (UNL), Sante Fe, Argentina

Carnegie Mellon just began a new exchange program with Universidad Nacional del Litoral (UNL). This program is for Chemical Engineering students and involves an exchange with the Department of Chemical Engineering at UNL.  Every year two students can participate in this program.

The UNL exchange program offers very exciting opportunities to those students who are interested in spending one semester of their junior year in Argentina.  The university was founded in 1919 and is strategically located in the province of Santa Fe.

The UNL exchange program has similar arrangements as the one with Imperial College, Yonsei, or RWTH Aachen. Students pay regular tuition to Carnegie Mellon.  Housing costs are on the order of ~US$250-$300 per month and food about US$300 per month.  The semesters fall on this schedule:  mid-August to the end of November, and early March to mid-June.

The courses that Chemical Engineering students will take at UNL and that are nearly equivalent to the ones in your junior year here at Carnegie Mellon are the following:

06-321 ChemE Thermodynamics

Physical Chemistry

06-323 Heat and Mass Transfer

Mass Transfer-Operations

Heat Transfer-Operations

09-217 Organic Chemistry I

Organic Chemistry

09-347 Advanced Physical Chemistry

Physical Chemistry II

06-361 Unit Operations

06-363 Transport Lab

Mass Transfer and Operations

06-364 Chemical Reaction Engineering

Chemical Reaction Engineering I

Chemical Reaction Engineering II

03-232 Biochemistry I

Principles of Biotechnology

If you are interested in this exchange program, please contact Nora Siewiorek.  The deadline for the application is the Friday after you return from winter break.