Carnegie Mellon University

Class of 2020

Advising for Fall 2018

You are a Sophomore about to register for the Fall of your Junior year.

The usual courses are:

06-321 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 9
06-322 Junior Chemical Engineering Seminar 2
06-323 Heat and Mass Transfer 9
09-217 Organic Chemistry I 9
or 09-219 Modern Organic Chemistry
09-347 Advanced Physical Chemistry 12
xx-xxx General Education Course 9
39-310A Experiential Learning 0

Do not take 03-231 Biochemistry. This class will not count for your biochemistry requirement.


Carnegie Mellon has created eight new concentrations and minors to allow CMU students to combine their interests in the arts and technology. IDEATE: Integrative Design, Arts, and Technology draws stronger connections between the world-class technology and arts units that are already at Carnegie Mellon.

The IDEATE areas are:

  • Animation and Special Effects
  • Entrepreneurship for Creative Industries
  • Game Design
  • Intelligent Environments
  • Learning Media
  • Media Design
  • Physical Computing
  • Sound Design.

Each of these areas requires that students take a portal course before going on to the focus area courses. All areas are available to all majors.

For more information, visit the IDEATE website.

 Interested in our internship program? Make an appointment with Dr. Domach now!

 This fall there will be a Technical Opportunities Conference (TOC) where you can start looking for internships for the following summer.