Carnegie Mellon University

Class of 2020

Advising for Fall 2017

You are currently a First Year student about to register for the Fall of your Sophomore year.

Welcome to Chemical Engineering!

You should ordinarily take the following courses:


Calculus in Three Dimensions






Sophomore Chemical Engineering Seminar



Modern Chemistry II



Computer Sci/Physics II *



General Education Course


*Computer Science/Physics II:  Students shouold complete 15-110 Principles of Computing or 15-112 Fundamentals of Programming and Computer Science, as well as 33-142 Physics II for Engineering Students by the end of the Sophomore year.  The recommended sequence is 33-141/33-142, however, 33-151/33-152 will also meet the CIT Physics requirement.  Another acceptable course for Physics I is 33-121.

For those students who have not taken 06-100 as one of the two Introductory Engineering Electives, 06-100 should be taken in the fall semester of the Sophomore year.  The General Education Course normally taken during that semester may be postponed until the Junior year.  These students should consult with their faculty advisors as soon as possible.

It is important that you take 09-106 Modern Chem II if you don't already have credit for it, as this course is required for Lab I which is taught in the spring of next year.  It is very difficult to take lab I after your sophomore year due to scheduling and the time commitment junior and senior courses require.

If you have already completed 09-106 Modern Chem II, you could try to take Lab I, but the fall session is reserved for science majors, so it is very likely you will be waitlisted and not get in.