Carnegie Mellon University

National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowships

NSF graduate fellowships are prestigious, competitive fellowships that provide a stipend of ~$30K/year and $10,500 in tuition for three years.

Learn more about the NSF graduate fellowship in a presentation prepared by Susan Finger in CEE: Overview of program.

You need to start preparing your NSF graduate fellowship application at the beginning of your Senior year as they are typically due in November. You should use a checklist to make sure every detail is completed. An example checklist for 2008 is here: 2008 checklist.

You will write several essays as part of the application. One of them is related to broader impacts. This has particular meaning to NSF, and it is important you understand what NSF means by broader impacts and that your write your essay accordingly.

You will need several letters of recommendation as part of your application. You should provide your letter writers with information to help them write a strong letter for you. This form may help you prepare that information: Information for recommendation writers.