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Department Overview

Department Overview


The primary missions of the Department of Chemical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon are to educate undergraduate and graduate students, and to discover and disseminate knowledge through research.  The Department is committed to achieving excellence in these activities, and evaluates the success and leadership of its programs using the highest standards of quality, innovation, and visibility.  The Department values scholarly research that is interdisciplinary and industrially relevant.  In education the emphasis is on fundamentals complemented by professional skills including communication.  The goal of the department is to produce students and faculty who will become leaders in their areas.

The department focuses its research in the six following areas:

The major goal in each of these areas is to make novel fundamental contributions in engineering and science, aiming at industrial relevance. In each area the specific objectives are to:

  •     maintain our premier position in process systems engineering
  •     exploit critical mass of the complex fluids engineering group
  •     integrate the research in catalysis and surface materials
  •     focus bioengineering in areas of competitive advantage
  •     establish a position of leadership in envirochemical engineering