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CFA COVID-19 Resources

This semester is different — but we are still here for you.

Learning, creating and living is different this year, but we are here for you. Whether you attend classes in-person or remotely, our professors and staff are here to help you at each step along the way.

CFA Priority Contacts (Andrew ID login)

CFA School & Office Contacts

CFA Pandemic Safety Officers (Andrew ID login)

Need help now?

Connect with CFA schools and offices through their preferred priority contacts. Let us help answer your physical and virtual inquiries.

Find CFA Priority Contacts (Andrew ID login)

Have questions?

If you have questions that aren't urgent — or if you are looking for a more specific department — peruse our school and office contacts.

CFA School & Office Contacts

Need resources or support?

Our Pandemic Safety Officers (PSOs) are here to help ensure that you have the resources and support you need to safely return to campus.

CFA Pandemic Safety Officers (Andrew ID login)

CFA Contacts by School and Program

Dean's Office

CFA Dean's Office

Susan Hrishenko
Executive Assistant to the Dean

Dan Barrett
Senior Academic & Business Administrator


School of Architecture Office

Kristen Frambes
Director of Alumni & Professional Relationships


School of Art Office

Leslie Gordon
Office Associate


School of Design Office

Darlene Scalese
Senior Administrative Assistant to the Head

Jane Ditmore


School of Drama Office

Valerie Haley
Front of House, Pre-College Administrator

Joyce Dellovade
Senior Administrative Coordinator, Assistant to the Head

Maria Stoy
Box Office Manager

Mica Harrison Loosemore
Director of Recruitment & Enrollment

Amy Nichols
Associate Head, Director of Student Services


School of Music Office

School of Music Coronavirus FAQs

BXA Intercollege Degree Programs

Svenja Drouven
Office Manager

Dr. M. Stephanie Murray
Director & Academic Advisor, Teaching Professor

Dr. Carrie Hagan
Associate Director & Academic Advisor, Assistant Teaching Professor

BXA Contact Page

Miller Institute for Contemporary Art

Miller ICA Office

Margaret Cox
Assistant Director

Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry

Tom Hughes
Associate Director

Protect Yourself and Your Community

Icon of a hand holding a phone with an icon of COVID-19 on it.

Self-Assess Daily

Icon of two people separated by the phrase, 6 feet.

Keep 6 Feet Apart

Image of a person wearing a face mask.

Wear a Facial Covering

Icon of hands lathering soap.

Wash Your Hands