Carnegie Mellon University

2020 Academic Advising Award Recipient

2020-aa-shields-400x400-min.pngAna Maria Ulloa-Shields

Associate Dean for Student Success, Academic Advisory Center, Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Ana Maria Ulloa-Shields joined the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences in October 2015 as assistant dean and director of the Academic Advisory Center. In October 2019, she was promoted to associate dean for student success. Ulloa-Shields has led the transformation of Dietrich College’s advising model to support students holistically throughout their undergraduate experience, covering academics, experiential learning and personal and professional development.

Ulloa-Shields serves as the primary academic advisor for a cohort of students, and she collaborates with advisors across the entire college to ensure that all Dietrich students are getting the help and guidance they need. She helps students to self-author plans for success that empower them to develop strong habits, and she models inclusive practices that demonstrate to students that they are visible, valued and able to thrive. Her efforts extend to building relationships and communicating effectively with parents, guardians and faculty, ranging from one-on-one interactions to organizing workshops on teaching first-year students.

In addition, Ulloa-Shields has built a community of practice among colleagues in professional advising roles throughout Dietrich College. She hosts bi-weekly meetings among academic advisors and connects them with professional development opportunities. Fellow advisors also benefit from her mentorship and advocacy at the college and university levels.

Ulloa-Shields’ career began over 10 years ago at Hostos Community College. In 2009, she transitioned to the School of General Studies at Columbia University where she oversaw all the programming in the Dean of Students Office related to student life, retention initiatives, international programs and academic support services, while playing a key supervisory role in academic advising. She was drawn to the position in Dietrich College because it would allow her to focus on her biggest love in higher education, academic advising.