Carnegie Mellon University

Teaching Innovation Awards Past Winners

2020 Individual Awardees

Felipe Gómez,

Teaching Professor, Department of Modern Languages

2020 Individual Awardee Feipe Gomez

Kim Hyatt

Teaching Professor, Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy and Management

2020 individual awardee

2020 Group Awardee

Carrie Doonan

Director of Undergraduate Laboratories, Department of Biological Sciences

Carrie Doonan

Lynley Doonan

Special Lecturer, Department of Biological Sciences

Lynley Doonan

Emily Drill

Assistant Teaching Professor, Department of Biological Sciences and

Emily Drill

Natalie McGuier

Assistant Teaching Professor, Department of Biological Sciences

Natalie McGuier

Information listed reflects the recipient at the time of the award.


Molly McCarter
School of Drama

Umut Acar and Anil Ada
Department of Computer Science

Peter Adams, Katarzyna Snyder and James Wynn
Departments of Civil & Envinronmental Engineering, Engineering and Public Policy, Dietrich Dean's Office and Department of English


Jessica Hammer
Human Computer Interaction Institute and Entertainment Technology Center


Individual Awardees

Daragh Byrne
School of Architecture

Ryan Tibshirani
Departments of Statistics and Machine Learning

David Yaron
Department of Chemistry

Team Awardees

DJ Brasier and Maggie Braun
Department of Biologica Sciences

Mellon College of Science First-Year Seminar Committee Team

William Alba
Science & Humanities Scholars Program and Advanced Placement Early Admission Program

Maggie Braun
Department of Biological Sciences

Amy Burkert
Office of the Provost and Department of Biological Sciences

Heather Dwyer
Mellon College of Science

Eric W. Grotzinger
Department of Biological Sciences

Kunal Ghosh
Department of Physics

John Hannon
Divison of Student Affairs

Jon Minden
Department of Biological Sciences

Veronica Peet
Mellon College of Science

Karen Stump
Department of Chemistry

Russell Walker
Department of Mathematical Sciences

Emily Weiss
Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence & Educational Innovation


Individual Awardees

Maralee Harrell
Department of Philosophy

Christopher M. Jones
Department of Modern Languages

Team Awardee

"Art, Conflict and Technology in Northern Ireland" Team 
Jennifer Keating-Miller
Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences

John Carson
School of Art

Illah R. Nourbakhsh
Robotics Institute