Carnegie Mellon University

Teaching Innovation Award

Introduced in 2016, the Teaching Innovation Awards are Carnegie Mellon's newest faculty recognition.  The awards honor teaching practices or strategies designed to improve student learning in online, blended or face-to-face courses. Individual faculty members and/or teams of colleagues may be recognized.

Most Recent Recipient

Jessica HammerJessica Hammer

Assistant Professor, Human-Computer Interaction Institute and the Entertainment Technology Center

Jessica Hammer is an assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University, jointly appointed in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute and the Entertainment Technology Center. She combines game design with qualitative and quantitative research techniques to understand how games impact human behavior.

As part of this work, she develops research-backed methods to improve the game design process with an emphasis on prototyping, playtesting and iteration. Her work has been supported by funders including the Heinz Foundation, the Okawa Foundation, Google, Amazon and Verizon, as well as through internal CMU awards. Jessica also is an award-winning game designer.