Carnegie Mellon University

Special Topics: Structural Health Monitoring

Course Number: 12-734

Structural health monitoring system, which enables us to automatically diagnose and prognose structural damage, is important to ensure a safe and functional built environment.

This area requires a multi-disciplinary approach that encompasses structural engineering, sensor technology, wireless communication, signal processing, and statistical analysis.

This course introduces damage diagnosis algorithms using various model-based and signal-based methods for civil structures with an emphasis on the underlying physical interpretations and their practical usage.

The methods include modal analysis, time-series modeling, Gaussian mixture modeling, hypothesis testing, frequency analysis, and various classification techniques.

The course is lecture-based with assignments and a project.

You will have an opportunity through a class project to explore various damage diagnosis algorithms, choose one to implement, present your work to the class, and be peer-reviewed.

Semester(s): Spring
Units: 6