Carnegie Mellon University

Special Topics: Intro to Meteorology

Course Number: 12-679

The course targets entering doctoral students in atmospheric research, as well as interested upper-level undergraduates (juniors and seniors) and masters students across engineering and sciences.

This course provides students with the basics of meteorology, with a focus on large-scale atmospheric motion.

By the end of the term students will understand the basics of atmospheric dynamics, including horizontal and vertical motion, as well as the vertical structure of the atmosphere (atmospheric stability and boundary-layer dynamics).

They will understand what makes weather happen and they will understand weather maps and charts.

They will be able to critically watch the nightly weather forecast and be able to access available meteorological databases to make informed predictions of their own.

Finally, they will understand atmospheric transport and boundary-layer dynamics, which will serve as a foundation for other coursework involving atmospheric transport and air-pollution if they are pursuing those topics more deeply.

Semester(s): Fall
Units: 12