Carnegie Mellon University

Special Topics: Construction Estimating

Course Number: 12-603

The course will discuss methods of taking quantities from plans; preparation of unit price and lump sum estimates for structural units, including material, expediting, job supervision, site selection, and progress charts and graphs.

It will furthermore provide working knowledge of reading and accurately interpreting construction drawings (blueprints and digital), plans, and specification, will study construction contracts, building materials, most effective andcost efficient methods of construction, various labor-materials and equipment and complete and effective cost analysis for various types of construction projects.

Principles of putting together a comprehensive construction project specifications and bid package will be studied on specific real-life examples.

The class will also discuss general contractor/subcontractor relationships and procedures, construction project management considerations for incorporating scheduling principles into cost estimates, and principles of financial construction risk management (contingencies), communications, and process life cycle.

Semester(s): Spring
Units: 9


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