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The Advanced Infrastructure Systems (AIS) focus area leverages information and communications technologies (ICT) to improve the design, construction and operation of a broad range of physical infrastructure systems, including:

  • buildings and other facilities
  • transportation infrastructure
  • telecommunications networks
  • the electric power grid
  • water supply and wastewater management systems
  • environmental systems

Engineers are often required to provide a continuous state awareness, assessment and proactive decision-making for the complete life cycle of the systems and processes they create in order to manage them efficiently and effectively under both normal and abnormal operating conditions. 

The AIS group seeks to be among the world’s leading education and research groups focused on the application and exploration of emerging ICT to infrastructure systems and their associated processes including planning, design, construction, facility/infrastructure management, and environmental monitoring. We use these technologies to improve the sustainability, efficiency, maintenance, durability, and overall performance of these systems. State of the art laboratory and modeling facilities support our activities.

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Faculty Research Interests

  • Sensing and informatics for the construction, operation and maintenance phases of infrastructure systems
  • New models, methods and tools for planning, design and project management

  • The development of more sustainable processes and components used in built infrastructure

HOME Away From Home

If we intend to explore the Moon or Mars, astronauts need smart habitats that will support life and remain operational when they are vacant. We are combining AI and traditional engineering to enable a habitat to process its own data and pass recommendations on to robotic systems or astronauts.

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Illustration of the interior of a deep space habitat