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Novel materials are needed to increase the performance and sustainability of both built and natural systems under a wide range of environmental conditions. Engineered nanomaterials, as well as nano-patterned surfaces, are providing new approaches to treating water (e.g. novel membranes or electrodes for water treatment), for increasing the efficacy of agrochemicals and overall sustainability of agriculture (e.g. temperature- and pH-responsive nanoparticulate fertilizers), or for improving remediation (e.g. reactive nanomaterials for in situ groundwater treatment).

The goal of this cross-cutting degree program is to prepare students to create and test novel materials for a range of environmental applications, and to model and predict their performance based on their structural, transport, and chemical properties.

Students in the Materials for Environmental Systems program will develop core skills in areas such as environmental systems analysis, chemical and mechanical processing of materials, techniques for materials characterization, and computational screening and optimization of materials.

The following courses are recommended for this concentration, but our MS program is flexible and you should work with your academic advisors to tailor coursework towards your individual interests and career goals.

  • 12-623/24-623 Molecular Simulation of Materials

  • 12-720 Water Resources Chemistry

  • 12-725 Fate, Transport & Physicochemical Processes of Organic Contaminants in Aquatic Systems

  • 12-726 Mathematical Modeling of Environmental Quality Systems

  • 06-365/19-365 Water Technology and Innovation Policy

Visit the HUB for a full listing of available courses and their descriptions.

The following interdisciplinary courses relate to this concentration and may be of interest for additional coursework, depending on your academic and career goals.

  • 09-707 Nanoparticles

  • 09-741 Organic Chemistry of Polymers

  • 27-588 Polymer Physics & Morphology

  • 27-705 Nanostructured Materials

Visit the HUB for a full listing of available courses and their descriptions.

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