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New techniques for data acquisition and processing are transforming the way civil and environmental systems are monitored, understood and managed, and new science is emerging from this unprecedented amount of available data. Engineers are tasked with selecting and integrating sensors, interpreting heterogeneous data merging physical and statistical information, developing ways to communicate the results, and applying the outcomes to improve our systems.

Students of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Data Analytics MS concentration will explore the entire data life-cycle related to CEE systems, from data acquisition to analysis and application.

The following courses are recommended for this concentration, but our MS program is flexible and you should work with your academic advisors to tailor coursework towards you individual interests and career goals.

  • 12-704 Probability and Estimation Methods for Engineering Systems

  • 12-709 Data Analytics for Engineered Systems

  • 12-740 Data Acquisition

  • 12-741 Data Management

  • 12-746 Python Prototyping for Infrastructure Systems

  • 12-780 Advanced Python and Web Prototyping for Civil Infrastructure

  • 12-783 Geographic Information Systems

  • 10-601 Introduction to Machine Learning

The following crosscutting courses relate to this concentration and may be of interest for additional course work, depending on your individual goals.

  • 12-606 Traffic Engineering

  • 12-645 Smart Cities: Growth and Intelligent Transportation Systems

  • 12-659 Matlab

  • 12-706 Civil Systems Investment Planning and Pricing

  • 12-726 Mathematical Modeling of Environmental Quality Systems

  • 12-735 Urban Systems Modeling

  • 12-750 Infrastructure Management

  • 12-761 Sensing and Data Mining in Smart Structures and Systems

  • 12-768 Decision Analytics for Business and Policy

  • 18-785 Data, Inference, and Applied Machine Learning

  • 18-797 Machine Learning for Signal Processing

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