Carnegie Mellon University

Advanced Infrastructure Systems Technology Development and Applications

With consideration of the global nature of modern projects and the growing need for sustainable practices, this MS concentration prepares students for a career in construction management assisted by advanced information and communication technologies.

Graduates are able to leverage emerging Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) to manage more efficiently and effectively infrastructure systems and their associated processes; to perform data-driven decision-making; to design and evaluate systems for intelligent behavior in an infrastructure-oriented domain.

Recommended Courses

The following courses are recommended for the AIS concentrations, but the MS program is flexible and students should work with their academic advisors to tailor coursework towards their own individual interests and career goals.

  • 12-740 Data Acquisition
  • 12-741 Data Management
  • 12-743 Computer-based Approaches for Search and Decision Support in Civil Infrastructure
  • 12-745 AIS Project
  • 12-746 Special Topics: Python Prototyping for Infrastructure Systems
  • 12-711 Building Information Models and IT-based Analysis for Construction Project Management

Additional Courses

The following crosscutting courses relate to these concentrations and may be of interest for additional course work, depending on individual student goals.

  • 12-411 Project Management for Construction
  • 12-610 Special Topics: ICCM: International Collaborative Construction Management
  • 12-704 Probability and Estimation Methods for Engineering Systems
  • 12-706 Civil Systems Investment Planning and Pricing
  • 12-712 Introduction to Sustainable Engineering
  • 12-747 Sustainable Buildings
  • 12-748 Mechanical and Electrical System Design for Buildings
  • 12-750 Infrastructure Management

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