Carnegie Mellon University

Our Civil and Environmental Engineering graduate degree programs allows you to develop deep knowledge in a specialized concentration of one of our focus areas, while rounding out your education with challenging interdisciplinary course work. Our focus areas include:

  • Advanced Infrastructure Systems (AIS)
  • Environmental Engineering, Sustainability and Science (EESS)
  • Mechanics Materials and Computing (MMC)

Other degree title options are also offered if you are interested in a more specialized curriculum.

Our program is flexible to accommodate your individual career and academic goals, a unique feature that allows you to explore your interests fully.

Students with a Degree Outside of Engineering

While many of our masters students in the department have a background in engineering, we welcome students with a variety of educational backgrounds to pursue their graduate study in our program. 

To learn more, please visit this section of our website: Graduate Students with a Degree Outside of Engineering.

Direct Entry PhD 

If you are interested in a career in research and have graduated with a degree in engineering or a related technical field from an accredited insitituion you can apply as a direct entry PhD student. 

Direct entry students must complete the requirements for the MS degree before beginning PhD studies but will not have to apply to the PhD program upon completion of their MS studies.

Direct entry students are required to complete successfully the doctoral qualifying examination.

Life After the MS

A CEE degree can be both challenging and rewarding and our students master fundamental and cutting edge skills and are prepared with life skills for continuous learning, entrepreneurship, communications and problem solving. These highly marketable skills can give you a competitive edge when seeking post-graduate employment or deciding to continue a planned area of study.

For student looking to enter the workforce, the Carnegie Mellon Career and Professional Development Center is an important resource for graduates, providing them with valuable resources to aid in their career search.

Along with university sponsored career fairs, CEE holds an annual departmental Career Fair in the fall. Several recruiters from civil and environmental engineering consulting firms and industry across the country attend this event and are able to discuss post-graduate and internship opportunities.