Carnegie Mellon University


The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering regularly hosts visiting scholars that are sponsored by a CEE faculty member. Office space and departmental computing support is provided on a space available basis.

  • Xiangyu Guan - China University of Geoscience, China
  • Clink Noack - CMU
  • Nur Orak - CMU
  • Peter Simon - CMU
  • Junho Song - Seoul National University, South Korea
  • Jiang XU - East China Normal University, China
  • Lingling Zhang - University of Science and Technology Beijing, China
  • Ying Zhang - Dalian University of Technology, China

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Post-doctoral researchers are also supported by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering to assist with specific research projects or initiatives.

  • Astrid Avellan - working with Greg Lowry
  • Erin Dauson - working with Kelvin Gregory and Irving Oppenheim
  • Alexander Dudchenko - working with Meagan Mauter
  • Daniel Gingerich - working with Meagan Mauter
  • Xitong Liu - working with Meagan Mauter
  • Leila Pourzahedi - working with Greg Lowry
  • Paul Welle - working with Meagan Mauter