Carnegie Mellon University

Jinding Xing

April 14, 2023

Xing Awarded Robert E. Uhrig Graduate Scholarship

Jinding Xing, a PhD candidate in CEE, has been awarded the prestigious Robert E. Uhrig Graduate Scholarship by the Human Factors, Instrumentation, and Controls Division (HFICD) of the American Nuclear Society (ANS). This scholarship supports graduate students studying nuclear engineering-related fields, with a particular focus on human factors, instrumentation, and controls.

Jinding obtained her Bachelor of Quantity Surveying and Master of Construction Project Management from Chongqing University, China, and her research focuses on mitigating human error in dynamic contexts, particularly in the operation of Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs). To achieve this, she employs advanced techniques such as Digital Twin, Augmented Reality, and Machine Learning. Jinding's passion for the nuclear industry was sparked by her PhD project, which is funded by the Department of Energy and aims to develop context-aware augmented reality glasses for nuclear field workers.

"I am deeply honored to receive the Robert E. Uhrig Graduate Scholarship and would like to extend my appreciation to my project collaborators for their support and guidance on the DOE project. Special thanks go to my advisor, Professor Pingbo Tang, for his continuous guidance and support throughout my academic journey," she says.

The ANS continues to uphold its commitment to acknowledging and aiding exceptional students, such as Jinding, in their pursuit of higher education and groundbreaking research in nuclear engineering. The scholarship is named in honor of Dr. Robert E. Uhrig, a distinguished professor of engineering at the University of Tennessee and a distinguished scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Through the Robert E. Uhrig Graduate Scholarship, Jinding's efforts to improve human performance and safety in NPP operations will be furthered, ultimately supporting the growth of the nuclear industry.