Carnegie Mellon University

Noah Asch

April 20, 2023

Asch Awarded National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship

CEE PhD student Noah Asch has been granted the 2023 National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship Award by the US Department of Defense.  

Asch earned his undergraduate degree in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Washington and presently works alongside his advisor, professor Hamish Gordon. His research involves modeling aerosol-cloud interactions to enhance the understanding of atmospheric processes connected to coastal fog. Through his work, Asch aims to accurately represent coastal fog in weather and climate simulations. 

Asch's future career aspirations include continuing research and creating improved algorithms for numerical weather prediction to quantify the connection between global warming and weather patterns more accurately.

The NDSEG Fellowship was created by Congress in 1989, and fellows are selected based on their academic ability. It is an extremely competitive fellowship, awarded annually to US citizens pursuing doctoral degrees in science and engineering. The fellowship is sponsored by the US Navy, US Space Force, US Air Force, and US Army.