Carnegie Mellon University

Albin Wells photo

September 27, 2022

Wells Named Steinbrenner Institute and Heinz Presidential Fellow

The Steinbrenner Institute for Environmental Education and Research at Carnegie Mellon University has selected Albin Wells as a Steinbrenner Research Fellow. The graduate fellowship program provides support to exceptional, second-year Carnegie Mellon students who work on cutting-edge environmental research. The interdisciplinary research projects' topics align with the Institute's strategic focus areas of energy transition strategies, and urban infrastructure and sustainable cities.

Wells is a PhD student in Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE). He received his ScB in Mechanical Engineering from Brown University.  He is currently being advised by Assistant Professor David Rounce.

His research investigates how glaciers in Alaska are responding to climate change by developing robust approaches rooted in field measurements to improve large-scale systematic remote sensing and modeled data products of glaciers. Better insight into the numerous processes driving present-day glacier mass loss in Alaska will enhance projections of future mass loss; this has critical implications for water resources, natural hazards, and sea-level rise.

I am excited and sincerely grateful to receive the Steinbrenner Institute and Heinz Presidential fellowship, which will support my ongoing research in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department,” says Wells. “ I'd like to thank the Steinbrenner Institute for selecting me for this honor and my advisor Professor David Rounce for his continued advice and guidance.