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Title bar with photo of Vanessa Manzano at CEE poster session

August 16, 2022

Summer Research: Plant Nanotechnology REU

CEE rising senior, Vanessa Manzano studied plant nanotechnology with Professor Greg Lowry this summer. 

Q: What was your summer research project? 

A: My project focused on understanding the behavior of nanoparticles interacting with plant cells with a goal to develop future nanocarriers that will not only help with crop growth but also reduce the environmental impact of agrochemicals. 

Q: What was the most interesting part of your research?

A: There are identifiable patterns with the different characteristics of the nanoparticles and their interaction with the plant cells. 

Q: What are the practical applications of your work? 

A: This research provides information for the specific characteristics that nanoparticles should have in order to develop targeted nanocarriers. Also, it will help future researchers to continue with studies on specific organelles inside the cell. 

Q: What was your favorite part of the program? 

A: I enjoyed meeting new people with similar interests—new people I can learn from. After graduation, I plan to continue my studies with an environmental graduate degree.