Carnegie Mellon University

Fethiye Ozis

July 25, 2022

Fethiye Ozis Helps to Organize ASEE’s Annual Conference

Recently, Assistant Teaching Professor Fethiye Ozis assisted in coordinating The American Society for Engineering Education’s annual conference. The event brings together engineering educators from across the globe in Minneapolis, MN.

Fethiye Ozis receives awardOzis serves as a division chair for the organization’s environmental engineering division and helped to oversee and facilitate the conference’s activities, technical sessions and business meetings. She says her goal was to “have a productive and engaging conference, reach a wider audience, and collaborate between divisions.”

Ozis adds that she’s been interested in working with the conference for nearly a decade because it brings together “everybody who cares about how we are educating and turning people into engineers.” While Covid prevented the conference from happening in 2020 and 2021, this year had a large attendance and focused on “Excellence Through Diversity.”

The message flowed through each of the discussions, presentations, and roundtables, says Ozis. Carnegie Mellon University also served as an event sponsor, shining a spotlight on the university’s dedication to integrating DEI into the classroom. 

“We talked about how to be more accepting and how to become better at embracing diversity,” she mentions. Ozis also added to a “living wall” at the conference to further promote all that CMU is doing to acknowledge and embrace inclusivity both on and off of campus. 

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