Carnegie Mellon University

Yanyu Wang

February 04, 2022

Wang Awarded Liang Ji-Dan Fellowship

PhD student, Yanyu Wang has recently been awarded a 2022 Liang Ji-Dan Fellowship. Before coming to CMU, Wang graduated with honors from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan, China. She received bachelor's and master's degrees in construction management and a minor degree in law.

Wang's research is focused on simulating the airport ground operation based on historical data and improving the operational efficiency and safety level through artificial intelligence. With her advisor, Professor Pingbo Tang, she explores data analytics and information modeling technology to support spatiotemporal analyses needed for the predictive management of constructed facilities and civil infrastructure systems. 

"I am truly grateful to receive the Liang Ji-Dian Scholarship,” says Wang. “This support will help me to continue pursuing my research under my advisor's guidance. Thanks to the founder and the committee for this precious opportunity.”

This fellowship is created to honor Liang Ji-Dang, a Chinese classic scholar. Liang devoted himself to education and he always stressed the importance of retaining the fundamentals of Chinese culture but at the same time diligently pursuing the best of Western science and technology.