Carnegie Mellon University

Kiana Naghibzadeh

February 10, 2022

Naghibzadeh Awarded Bushnell Fellowship

PhD student Kiana Naghibzadeh was awarded the Neil and Jo Bushnell Fellowship in Engineering. Naghibzadeh earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran.

Advised by Professor Kaushik Dayal, Naghibzadeh’s research focuses on multi-scale mathematical and computational modeling of the growth and evolution of materials. The phenomena of interest are electrode-electrolyte interface evolution in electrochemical devices, material accretion in additive manufacturing, microstructure evolution in polycrystalline materials, and solidification of water in glaciers.

I am so grateful to receive the Neil and Jo Bushnell Fellowship and appreciate the donors for their generosity,” says Naghibzadeh. “Receiving this fellowship endows me with additional motivation to continue my effort to expand the understanding of the multi-scale evolution of materials in various systems including electrochemical devices. Moreover, I would like to thank my advisor, Prof. Kaushik Dayal, for his invaluable support and consideration.

This fellowship was created through the generosity of Neil and Jo Bushnell and was established to provide merit fellowships to graduate students pursuing doctoral degrees in nanotechnology or electronic materials in the College of Engineering.