Carnegie Mellon University

Sarah Kurz

February 22, 2022

Kurz Joins CPDC to Guide Student Career Success

Sarah Kurz joins Carnegie Mellon as the new career consultant supporting undergraduate students in CEE, ChemE, BME, and first-year engineering students. Kurz is already meeting and advising students for upcoming internship and post-graduation opportunities. 

When asked what are some of her top tips, Kurz emphatically said that it is critical to stay organized. She advises students to create a tracking document to manage their search, contacts, and deadlines. Students should prioritize their time by scheduling time either daily or weekly to search postings, prepare applications, and follow up with contacts. 

Use your CMU alumni network along with recruiters and company contacts to follow-up on your applications and create connections during the search process,” Kurz advises.

“From resume reviews and internship searches, to full time offer negotiating, I hope to support students throughout their time in the department and as they plan for their futures beyond CMU,” she says. “Come visit my office at the CPDC anytime, I have coffee, chocolate, and advice!” 

Students can book in person and virtual appointments with Kurz through Handshake, or by sending her an email.