Carnegie Mellon University

Rami Ariss

October 06, 2021

Ariss Awarded Ellegood Fellowship

PhD candidate Rami Ariss has been awarded the Julia and Michael Ellegood Strategic Doctoral Fellowship. Ariss earned his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering and master’s in Civil and Environmental Engineering at University of California, Berkeley.

Advised by professor Matteo Pozzi, Ariss’ research looks to identify opportunities to improve controls and planning decisions that are complicated by interdependencies between civil systems. His research explores applications of sequential decision making, reinforcement learning, and optimization methods to contemporary energy-transportation problems. In particular, he develops co-optimal fleet design and route planning for electric delivery vehicles providing vehicle-to-grid services, electric vehicle policies operating across energy and transportation markets, and controls for multi-agent electric bus fleets for equitable ridepooling.

"I am privileged to be awarded the Julia and Michael Ellegood CEE Strategic Graduate Fellowship,” says says Ariss. This award will support my doctoral pursuit of solving energy-transportation problems to move towards a sustainable, reliable, and equitable future where interdependencies in civil systems help address climate change. I deeply thank the committee and donors for this opportunity."

This fellowship was established with the generosity of Michael (BS '60) and Julia Ellegood in 2008 and targets research where more traditional funding sources may not yet be available.