Carnegie Mellon University

Joe Moore headshot

September 10, 2021

Joe Moore Joins CEE Faculty

Joe Moore, CEE’s newest Assistant Teaching Professor, is excited to bring an active, interdisciplinary engineering educational experience to his students. Moore’s PhD work focused on the interactions between engineered nanomaterials and bacteria and his post-doc research included chemical engineering at The University of Pittsburgh—as well as work at the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)—focused on stimulating microorganisms to transform coal into methane. As an instructor, he’s committed to mentoring and supporting students, especially those from marginalized communities.

Moore says that the best part of his career is working with people, and that he plans to bring an interactive, inquiry-based give-and-take relationship into the classroom. “I want students to think and I try to pose questions that make students do that,” he says.

Prior to earning his PhD, Moore taught high school science in Chicago and traveled throughout the United States and Latin America. Along the way, he learned Spanish—his love for languages began as an undergrad minor in French and continues today as he studies Chinese. His diverse background also included writing—which led him to engineering. “I found engineering by writing about water resources in the American Southwest.”

In addition to completing his master’s and PhD at CEE, Moore earned a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship and was selected as a National Academy of Sciences and Engineering Science Ambassador.

“Joe Moore brings a range of teaching experience, a unique style of interactive student engagement, and creative perspectives on engineering education,” says Dave Dzombak, CEE Department Head.  “We are fortunate to have Joe helping us to advance our CEE education mission.”

Moore’s goal is to ensure that students get something meaningful from his courses. He believes that the path to student success begins by making a strong connection that supports students’ needs. “I’m eager to develop my courses to be highly customizable to students' particular interests,” he adds.

Moore’s commitment to relationship-building and mentoring are at the heart of his teaching style, and he is looking forwarding to forming mentoring relationships. “I take particular pride in helping students learn what they don't know.”

In addition to his interest in engineering and languages, Moore is an avid runner who ran the Boston Marathon. He looks forward to helping to lead the CEE team in the annual Pittsburgh Great Race (10km), continuing his interest in community building.

“I have taken the most pleasure and satisfaction from working with people, developing relationships, and leading initiatives to improve community. I'm excited to continue doing the same in CEE -- and excited to learn along the way.”