Carnegie Mellon University


November 22, 2019

Zhang Awarded Mao Yisheng Graduate Fellowship

PhD candidate Yilin Zhang was recently awarded the Mao Yisheng Graduate Fellowship. Zhang completed his bachelor's in Environmental Engineering at Beihang University, China.

He is currently advised by professors Gregory Lowry (CEE) and Robert Tilton (ChemE) and is developing functional polymer structures for environmental applications, including temperature-responsive drug delivery in plants and mercury removal from water and liquid hydrocarbon.

“It is a great honor for me to receive Mao Yisheng Graduate Fellowship,” says Yilin. “I would like to thank the support from my advisors and colleagues and will continue to work hard developing novel polymer materials for environmental applications.”

The Mao Yisheng Scientific and Technical Education Fund established the Dr. Mao Yisheng Graduate Fellowship to support graduate students studying civil and environmental engineering. Dr. Mao (PhD '19) is considered as the founder of modern bridge engineering in China and earned the first PhD ever granted by Carnegie Institute of Technology.