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November 04, 2019

New, Integrated CEE/CS Degree Program: Focus on Emerging Technologies

This fall CEE launched a new, integrated degree program with the School of Computer Science. The Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Integrated Study in Computer Science was designed for civil and environmental engineers who are interested in learning more about emerging technologies.

“The intersection of engineering and computer science is opening up new opportunities in both fields, so the degree will appeal to students who see themselves as innovators,” says Director of Graduate Programs David Vey. The new program prepares students to work in areas of civil and environmental engineering—while enabling them to pursue fields including data analytics, sensing, machine learning, statistical optimization and networking, software design and implementation.

“Our new MSCEE and CS program contributes in new ways to bring advanced computing technology into civil and environmental engineering,” says Hamerschlag University Professor and CEE Head Dave Dzombak. The curriculum was developed through a joint agreement between CMU’s College of Engineering and School of Computer Science—both of which offer highly-ranked and sought-after programs.

The integrated degree program meets the needs of the evolving civil and environmental engineering industry. “In recent years, we’ve noticed a growing trend among our engineering students who want to incorporate components of computer science within their degree,” Vey explains.

The desire to incorporate computer science into their coursework led a number of students to create self-designed tracks that drew on curriculum from across the University. “We decided that it would be worthwhile to formalize the curriculum and provide an option that we believe will answer the demand,” Vey says.

For more information about this program, contact our Graduate Admissions office