Carnegie Mellon University

Abhishek Arora

November 14, 2019

Arora Awarded Ellegood Fellowship

PhD candidate Abhishek Arora has been awarded the Julia and Michael Ellegood Strategic Doctoral Fellowship. Arora earned his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering University Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati, India and his masters in Engineering Mechanics at IIT Delhi, India.

Arora is advised by professor Amit Acharya and his research looks to understand stressed, dynamical, interactions in small collections of line defects comprising dislocations or cracks in two and three dimensions, and to study the emergent collective behavior of dislocations leading to patterning, e.g. cell formation, at small and large strains.

“I am honored to be a recipient of Julia and Michael Ellegood CEE Strategic Graduate Fellowship,” says Arora. “I would like to thank the supporting committee, and will strive hard to work diligently for my research.”

This fellowship was established with the generosity of Michael (BS '60) and Julia Ellegood in 2008 and targets research where more traditional funding sources may not yet be available.