Carnegie Mellon University

Jiaan Wang

November 07, 2018

Jiaan Wang Awarded Mao Yisheng Graduate Fellowship

PhD candidate Jiaan Wang was recently awarded the Mao Yisheng Graduate Fellowship. Jiaan received her BE in Chemical Engineering from East China University of Science & Technology, China, and BS in Environmental Engineering from Luebeck University of Applied Sciences, Germany.
Advised by Professor Mitchell Small, Jiaan's research is focused on the impacts of leaking CO2 on groundwater quality. Currently, she is working on the CO2 leak detection in overlying aquifers at enhanced oil recovery sites.
“I am honored to be the recipient of the Mao Yisheng Graduate Fellowship,” says Wang. “This fellowship enables me to continue my graduate research, and I will keep working hard.”

The Mao Yisheng Scientific and Technical Education Fund established the Dr. Mao Yisheng Graduate Fellowship to support graduate students studying civil and environmental engineering. Dr. Mao (PhD '19) is considered as the founder of modern bridge engineering in China and earned the first PhD ever granted by Carnegie Institute of Technology.