Carnegie Mellon University

Kelly Good

September 18, 2018

Good Named Siebel Scholar

PhD candidate Kelly Good was recently named as one of the Class of 2019 Siebel Scholars. Good, who is advised by Professor Jeanne VanBriesen, is researching the implications of source water bromide changes on disinfection byproduct formation at downstream drinking water treatment plants.

This highly competitive award supports top graduate students in the fields of business, computer science, energy science, and bioengineering. Established in 2000 by the Thomas and Stacey Siebel Foundation, the Siebel Scholars program awards grants to 16 universities in the United States, China, France, Italy and Japan. The top graduate students from 27 partner programs are selected each year as Siebel Scholars and receive a $35,000 award for their final year of studies. On average, Siebel Scholars rank in the top five percent of their class, many within the top one percent.