Carnegie Mellon University

Wailong Wang

November 09, 2017

Wailong Awarded Mao Yisheng Graduate Fellowship

PhD candidate Wailong Wang was recently awarded the Mao Yisheng Graduate Fellowship. Wailong completed his undergraduate studies in 2016 at Fudan University, China with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics.

Advised by professor Alexander Jacquillat, Wailong's research is focused on using game theory, stochastic models and optimization methods including integer programming, queuing theory to build a more sufficient transportation system. Currently he is looking at the issues of assignment allocation with capacitated central system, specifically, in the air transportation industry.

“I am honored to receive Mao Yisheng Graduate Fellowship to support my graduate studies,” says Wang. “I am quite interested in doing research regarding with optimizing current system, this fellowship encourages me a lot to keep hard work in my future research.”

The Mao Yisheng Scientific and Technical Education Fund established the Dr. Mao Yisheng Graduate Fellowship to support graduate students  studying civil and environmental engineering. Dr. Mao (PhD '19) is considered as the founder of modern bridge engineering in China and earned the first PhD ever granted by Carnegie Institute of Technology.