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Majditehran Awarded Ellegood Graduate Fellowship

Houriyeh Majditehran was recently awarded the Julia and Michael Ellegood CEE Strategic Graduate Fellowship. Majditehran received her Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from Sharif University of Technology in Iran. She joined CEE CMU in fall 2017 and is co-advised by professors Kaushik Dayal and Carmel Majidi (MechE).

Her PhD research is focused on developing soft multifunctional composites specifically modeling the mechanical properties and dielectric breakdown of liquid metal embedded elastomers. These composites have applications in emerging fields of soft bio-inspired robotics.

"I would like to thank Julia and Michael Ellegood for their support to my further research," says Majditehran. "It is a great honor for me to be awarded with this fellowship. I would express my heartfelt gratitude towards Julia and Michael Ellegood for their support to my research."

This fellowship was established with the generosity of Michael (BS '60) and Julia Ellegood in 2008 and targets research where more traditional funding sources may not yet be available.