Carnegie Mellon University
January 27, 2017

Pi Awarded Bertucci Fellowship


PhD graduate student, Xidong Pi was recently named as one of two CEE students who were awarded a John and Claire Bertucci Fellowship to support his graduate work.

Pi, who is advised by professor Sean Qian, is currently working on the optimization and control for transportation networks. The primary focus is to mathematically model the multi-modal city traffic network systems with stochasticity, and then system-optimally control the traffic flow through dynamic road pricing, driver information system, mobile technologies, connected vehicle or autonomous vehicle technologies. He completed his undergraduate degree in Environmental Engineering at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China.

“I was very appreciative that I was selected as one of the recipient of the Bertucci Graduate Fellowship," says Pi. "I appreciate especially the generosity and kindness of John and Claire Bertucci. This is a big encouragement for me and I will keep working hard in my current research area and my future jobs.”

Bertucci Fellowships are awarded to accomplished graduate students who are pursuing doctoral degrees, have passed their PhD qualifying exams and have been admitted to PhD candidacy. The fellowships provide financial support towards their studies and research.