Carnegie Mellon University
January 17, 2017

Mirshekari Awarded Bertucci Fellowship


PhD graduate student, Mostafa Mirshekari was recently named as one of two CEE students who were awarded a John and Claire Bertucci Fellowship to support their graduate studies.

Mirshekari, who is advised by professor Hae Young Noh, looks at using footstep-induced floor vibration to monitor and characterize occupant behavior and characteristics, such as their identity, location, and activity types.This information can be used to better serve the occupants and increase operational efficiency in smart structures, marketing, and healthcare.

He completed his undergraduate degree in civil engineering from the University of Tehran (Iran) and has also earned three masters relating to construction management and structural engineering.

"I would like to thank John and Claire Bertucci," says Mirshekari, "and the organizing committee of this fellowship for their support."

Bertucci Fellowships are awarded to accomplished graduate students who are pursuing doctoral degrees, have passed their PhD qualifying exams and have been admitted to PhD candidacy. The fellowships provide financial support towards their studies and research.