Carnegie Mellon University
February 10, 2016

Two CEE Students Awarded Bertucci Fellowships

Two CEE Students Awarded Bertucci Fellowships

CMU's College of Engineering recently awarded John and Claire Bertucci Fellowship to four CEE students. The Bertucci Fellowships are awarded to accomplished graduate students who are pursuing doctoral degrees, have passed their PhD qualifying exams and have been admitted to PhD candidacy. The fellowships provide financial support towards their studies and research.

Lauren Cook, who is advised by Costa Samaras (CEE), is working on bridging the gap between civil engineers and climate scientists in order to design for and adapt to increases in extreme rainfall that are expected under climate change. Engineers can use these models to adapt and design stormwater drainage systems and respond to how infrastructure needs manage heavier rainfall and flooding.

Lauren completed her undergraduate studies in civil and environmental engineering at the University of Maryland at College park and plans to pursue a faculty post once she has completed her engineering PhD work in the department.

Kyle Gorkowski, advised by Professors Peter Adams (CEE/EPP), Ryan Sullivan (Chem), and Neil Donahue (ChemE/Chem/EPP), looks to better understand how particle pollution in the atmosphere changes as it is transported by wind.

In his research he as developed optical tweezers that are used to see how microscopic droplets of water react with humidity and other gasses. Additionally, he studies how two immiscible phases (i.e. oil and water) interact when they are forced to make up a single droplet

Kyle completed his undergraduate degree in Physics at Michigan Technological University. Upon completing his graduate work he plans to continue research pollution and its effects on health and climate.