Carnegie Mellon University
March 25, 2016

PhD Student Outlines Expansion Proposal for EWRI

PhD Student Outlines Expansion Proposal for EWRI Last month PhD student Nur Orak represented the CMU chapter of EWRI (Environmental and Waters Resource Institute) at the institute’s Council Weekend. At the event she presented  “Resources for Founding EWRI Student Chapters,” at the Member Services Executive Committee Meeting. Orak's proposal recommended an increase in student chapters as strateges to increase efficiency.

Currently there are only six EWRI chapters in the USA, three of which are in Pittsburgh. Her proposed five-year budget will give financial and professional support to ten new student chapters in addition to the existing ones.

“The proposal received very positive reactions from the committee members,” Orak says.

Having received approval from the student council and the executive committee members, Orak must now wait for approval by the Governing Board. Once her proposal is approved by the Governing Board, she will lead a session at the international EWRI Congress in late May.

“It was very nice to share students’ concerns and discuss our profession’s problems with the professionals from the government, industry, and academia,” says Orak.