Carnegie Mellon University
October 14, 2016

Two CEE Students Named Andrew Carnegie Society Scholars

Two CEE Students Named Andrew Carnegie Society Scholars Ahmad Khanzada, from Roslyn Heights, NY, is the current president of national honor society Chi Epsilon and past president of the CMU chapter of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

As ASCE president, he implemented a mentorship program that quickly acclimated sophomores to the CEE Department by pairing them with upperclassmen.

In the 2016 spring semester Khanzada participated in the CMU IMPAQT program. His time in Qatar made a significant impact and motivated him to work within the CMU alumni and campus networks to land an internship with AECOM’s office in Doha, Qatar.

Khanzada has also led a student group as part of the Habitat for Humanity organization.
Senior Julie Kim, from Calgary, Canada, is the current president of ASCE and vice president of Chi Epsilon.

Among Kim’s accomplishments was the implementation of program changes after seeking feedback from students. Based on suggestions, ASCE held their first field day for undergraduate and graduate students to kick off the new academic year.

This summer she was selected to work on a research project, A Computational Approach to Physics Based Modeling Darcy Flow through a Porous Microstructure, as part of the competitive 2016 CEE Summer Research Assistantship Program. She is continuing her research this fall and is tutoring sophomores taking Statics, a core course.  

Kim is also is a member of the student organization Facilitation Opportunities for Refugee Growth and Empowerment (FORGE).
Both Khanzada and Kim are role models in the department and dedicate themselves to service while maintaining excellent academic records.
ACS Scholars are selected each year by their deans and department heads to represent their class in service and leadership. These undergraduate seniors embody Carnegie Mellon's high standards of academic excellence, volunteerism, leadership, involvement in student organizations, athletics or the arts. Since its inception in 1975, the program has recognized nearly 1,000 students.