Carnegie Mellon University
October 13, 2016

Rampton Awarded Cohon Fellowship

Rampton Awarded Cohon Fellowship

 PhD candidate David Rampton was named the 2016-2017 Jared and Maureen Cohon Graduate Fellow in Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Rampton returned to the classroom after spending 20+ years developing an impressive international professional career with major oil companies, working across Europe, Scandinavia, and Africa.Prior to his professional experience, Rampton completed his BS is Geophysical Engineering and MS in Geophysics at the Colorado School of Mines and earned his MBA at the University of Washington.

Advised by Heinz Professor Mitch Small, Rampton’s research will focus on monitoring activities related to the development of unconventional hydrocarbons, and the production and distribution of natural gas.

“I am very grateful for the recognition, and the opportunity to be associated with the Jared Cohon Fellowship,” Rampton says. “Professor Jared Cohon was one of the individuals that met with me on an early campus visit, and it was only later that I realized what an impact he has had on building the prestige and reputation of CMU. I hope my work will continue to build on the foundation of the many contributors who have made CMU a formidable force in moving the world, and in particular to help carry forward Jared Cohon's great vision for the university.”

Through a generous gift to the Inspire Innovation Campaign for Carnegie Mellon University, University Professor and President Emeritus Cohon and his wife Maureen Cohon established in 2009 The Jared and Maureen Cohon Graduate Fellowship in Civil and Environmental Engineering. The fund established with their gift is used to provide research support fellowships to deserving graduate students in Civil and Environmental Engineering who are specializing in environmental engineering.