Carnegie Mellon University
September 16, 2016

Mauter Awarded the Morgan ES&T Early Career Award

Mauter Awarded the Morgan ES&T Early Career Award Mauter Awarded the Morgan ES&T Early Career Award Professor Meagan Mauter has been selected as the recipient of the 2017 James J. Morgan ES&T Early Career Award.  As part of this award, she will give a lecture at the ES&T symposium at the ACS National Meeting.

Mauter’s research looks at enabling energy efficient water treatment technologies by addressing the technical and structural barriers to their implementation.  

Her recent work has focused on the development of membranes with improved mass transfer and fouling resistance, desalination technologies that leverage low temperature heat as an energy input, and processes for treating alternative feed streams, including high salinity oil and gas produced water and low salinity brackish water.

CEE Head Dave Dzombak says that “Meagan Mauter’s research addresses engineering challenges at the nexus of water and energy systems, focused especially on membrane separations and desalination. Her work impressively ranges from basic material properties, through process behaviors, to systems and policy-level analyses. We are fortunate to have Professor Mauter as a member of the faculty.”

The James J. Morgan ES&T Early Career Award, named after Dr. Morgan, the first Editor-in-Chief of Environmental Science & Technology, recognizes the contributions of early career researchers who have led the field in new directions through creative, new ideas consistent with Morgan’s early contributions.