Carnegie Mellon University

Carl Malings

September 30, 2016

Carl Malings Named Dowd Fellow

PhD student Carl Malings was selected as one of four 2017 Dowd Fellows by the College of Engineering.

Advised by Professor Matteo Pozzi, Malings' research focuses on the optimization of sensing and inspection efforts to support the management of distributed infrastructure systems, such as transportation networks and utility grids.

His work uses probabilistic models to study the risk of extreme heat in urban areas and apply his research to guide sensor placements to optimally monitor this risk, as well as inform risk reduction strategies such as heat wave advisory issuance and investments in green infrastructures to cool the city.

“I would like to thank Philip and Marsha Dowd and the organizing committee of this fellowship for their support," Says Malings. "I think this project, which involves modeling and managing a combined physical and social infrastructure system, is a unique application of my research, and will lead to more optimal monitoring and management of other critical infrastructures as well.”

The Philip and Marsha Dowd Engineering Seed Fund was established in 2001 through a generous gift to the College of Engineering from Philip and Marsha Dowd.

The fund is intended to provide support for graduate students proposing work on cutting edge research projects that are currently unfunded. As Dowd Fellow, Mailings well present a seminar to the Carnegie Mellon community in the fall semester on the results of their work.