Carnegie Mellon University
April 06, 2015

ASCE Ohio Valley Student Conference Highlights

ASCE Ohio Valley Student Conference Highlights

The CEE Steel Bridge Team assembles their entry for the competition.The CEE Steel Bridge Team assembles their entry for the competition.

Recently, the CEE ASCE student chapter traveled to the University of Cincinnati to compete in the 2015 Ohio Valley Student Conference (OVSC). The conference, in conjunction with ASCE, brings together over 350 civil engineering students and professionals representing fifteen schools from Ohio, Kentucky, and Western Pennsylvania.

The students participate in a variety of events designed to demonstrate how their classroom education is applied in the field and an opportunity to connect with other civil engineers in the region. in 2015, CEE sent a total of 16 students to complete across seven categories.

Competiton Highlights

Geotechnical Competition

Three CEE team members build their soil mound. Michelle Krynock, Chris Kim, Ahmand Khanzada, and Maskana Adedjouman earned second place. Applying skills from soil mechanics, the team had up to 30 minutes to build a soil mound with points awarded for highest pile, least reinforcing material used and shortest construction time.

The CEE team designed two plans for the competition. However, the paper reinforcer was much thinner than anticipated, resulting in the team making a new design, on the spot. With quick thinking and a team effort, they completed the design quickly and obtained a height of over 13 inches.

Environmental Competition

Teams were tasked to design, construct, and operate a small-scale flow-through water treatment apparatus according to the constraints provided herein (i.e. time, materials, effluent quality, etc.) to produce theww liters of treated water from five liters of simulated raw intake water. Intake water consisted of a simulated intake sample similar in composition to river water and spiked with Bromine.

The CEE team, Michelle Krynock, Yuchuan Lai, and Jessica Guo, were awarded third place for the overall category and placed second for their poster and display. Their filter also earned third place for Most Creative Apparatus.

Steel Bridge

Maskana Adedjouman, Andrew Bakert, Stephanie Emore, Dolly Hsu, Dylan McDermott, and Paige Sieffert formed the CEE Steel Bridge team. Unfortunately, the team was disqualified because of during post-construction inspection, due to the decking support surface being too tall.

The CEE team, however, did report a new team personal best for build time. Since the team efficiently completed the build with time to spare, judges permitted load tests, and the bridge held more weight than in the 2014 competition.