Carnegie Mellon University
April 02, 2014

Jeffie Chang (BS '13, MS '14) Wins Technical Paper Award

Jeffie Chang (BS '13, MS '14) Wins Technical Paper Award
Jeffie Chang (BS ’13, MS ‘14) won first place at the 2014 Ohio Valley Student Conference for her technical paper entitled:Duty and Responsibility of Civil Engineers Following Natural Disasters.  The technical paper competition required students to discuss the responsibilities of civil engineers in regards to natural disasters. Chang’s paper primarily discussed engineers’ responsibilities in the cases of Hurricane Katrina and the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake in Japan. The paper outlined three key duties for civil engineers: providing survivors of natural disasters with basic needs, restoring public confidence in the industry and preventing the effects from future natural disasters. 

“Because we, as civil engineers often find ourselves immersed in calculations, we often only see numbers and equations instead of the people for whom we design,” Chang explains. “As a result, I wanted to emphasize the human aspect of the topic and how the most important responsibility of civil engineers is to have empathy and never forget the people we serve.” 

The paper is available here.